Call and Response Chants

The Vejigantes dance to the African rhythms of bomba and plena music and lead the crowds in call-and-response chants. Everyone knows these nonsense rhymes and sings along.

Toco, toco, toco, toco
Vejigante come coco
(The Vejigante eats coconut)
Pan y cebolla
(Bread and onion)
Vejigante a la bolla
Lari oh, lari oh
Lari oh, lari oh
Lari, lari, lari, oh
Lari, lari, lari, oh
Pru cu tá, Pru cu tá
Y bueno que está
(And how good it is)
Esa vieja es bruja
(This old lady is a witch)
Bruja es
(She’s a witch)
Y tiene los ojos
(And she has eyes…)
Color café
(…the color of coffee)

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