Meet the Coquí

Meet the Coquí
Golden Coqui
Photograph of Golden Coquí by George E. Drewry

Hola! My name is Coquí. I’m a very small tree frog (about an inch-and-a-half long). I live in Puerto Rico. Let me introduce myself:

  • Scientists call me Eleutherodactylus (el-oo-thear-oh-dak-till-us), which means ‘free toes.’ It’s just a fancy way of saying I don’t have webbed toes like most other frogs!
  • I get my common name from the song I sing at night that goes, “ko-kee, ko-kee.” When we all sing together, it can be as loud as an orchestra!
  • Only the boy frogs sing the ‘ko-kee’ song. It’s a warning to other boys to stay away and a call to attract the girls. Click below to play my song.
  • After the girl coquí lays her eggs on a damp leaf on the ground, the boy frog protects them until they hatch.
  • Unlike other frogs, we don’t have tadpoles. Our babies are born looking just like tiny copies of their parents. They have a tiny bit of a tail which disappears very quickly.
  • The people of Puerto Rico love me! I am the island’s mascot. You can find images of me on everything from t-shirts to glasses.
  • Even the Taínos drew pictures of me on the rocks where they lived. These are called petroglyphs (pet-troh-gliffs) or ‘rock drawings.’


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