WorkshopsExit Studio is proud to offer several workshops for teachers and students designed to bring the culture and traditions of Puerto Rico and Latin America to classrooms and community centers. Using hands-on art projects such as mask-making and pottery, students and teachers gain new insights into the culture and history of these countries. By playing the role of artisan, they can connect on a fundamental level with the island. Teachers will garner new experience in and information on incorporating multicultural themes into their curriculum that can be taken back to the classroom and used to enrich many subjects, from social studies to language arts.

“Ideal for classrooms and after-school programs that want an informative, hands-on introduction to Puerto Rican culture. This activity is accessible to students of all ages and learning styles.”
Deborah Menkart, Director, Network of Educators on the Americas

The Vejigante Workshop (Puerto Rico)

This workshop explores the folk festivals of Puerto Rico and in particular the character of the Vejigante as an expression of the island’s mix of African, Spanish, and Indian culture. After an overview of the background of the festivals, participants will make a papier-maché Vejigante mask.

The Taíno Workshop (Puerto Rico)

This workshop explores the ancient culture of the Taíno indians that inhabited Puerto Rico before the arrival of the Conquistadors. The Taíno’s views on nature and community are discussed as well as their legacy evident in words still used today and their archeological sites and artifacts still present throughout the Caribbean. Participants will make a clay artifact (pintadera seal or bowl) and inscribe it with Taíno symbols.

On This Beautiful Island Workshop (Puerto Rico)

This workshop incorporates a reading of the book On This Beautiful Island about a young Taíno boy, accompanied by a video presentation that includes footage of natural sites in Puerto Rico. Following a discussion of the Taíno’s culture and influence, participants can get a rubber-stamped Taíno ‘Tattoo’ on their arm.

Coquí Workshop (Puerto Rico)

This workshop introduces students to the island of Puerto Rico and its national mascot, the tiny coquí tree frog. Participants will make a paper coquí mask while listening to the frog’s distinctive song.

Quetzal Workshop (Mexico)

This workshop looks at the sacred bird of the Mayan Indians, the Quetzal. Participants will make a paper headdress like those the Maya adorned with long Quetzal feathers.

Cadejos Workshop (El Salvador)

This workshop tells the tale of the mythical magic dogs of El Salvador’s volcanoes. Participants will make a paper cadejo mask.

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