Vejigante Lesson Plan

THE VEJIGANTE: Creature of Culture (excerpt)

Level: Grades 4-5
Subject: Social Studies, History


This unit uses the character of the Vejigante to explore the ways in which Spanish, African, and Carribean cultures have combined to form Puerto Rican culture. This melding of diverse traditions is a microcosm of the ways in which societies adapt to outside change by absorbing new influences and reformulating old rituals to retain their cultural identity.


Students will:

  1. Learn about the history of the Vejigante character.
  2. Be able to distinguish between the three different interpretations of carnival in Puerto Rico and cite their influences.
  3. Discuss the influences of other cultures on their own culture.
  4. Make the papier-maché mask the Ponce Vejigante wears.
  5. Learn about the music and dance associated with the festivals.
  6. Hold their own carnival celebration.

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