Taíno Concentration

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Here is a fun game to play with family and friends. See if you can remember where the matching Taíno symbols are hidden. Match the most, and you win!

To make the game:

  1. Download and print out the pdf file below.
  2. Glue the page to a sheet of thin cardboard.
  3. Cut out the squares on the dotted lines.
  4. Color the tiles if you want (make sure to color the matching tiles the same!)


Here’s how to play:

  1. Lay all the tiles face down and mix them up.
  2. Arrange them in a grid, four across and five down.
  3. Take turns turning over two tiles at a time.
  4. If they match, keep the tiles and take another turn.
  5. If they don’t match, turn them back over and the next person takes their turn.
  6. When all the pairs are collected, the player that has the most matches, wins!
  7. Play again! Every game is different.


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