Taíno Wallpaper


Download this beautiful wallpaper for your computer screen depicting Atabey, Mother Earth of the Taínos, who guards over day and night in an original illustration by Edwin Fontánez.

Atabey Wallpaper

Choose your screen size:

800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×960

Click on the size you want and a large image will open in another window:

For Windows
Right click on the image and choose ‘Set as Background.’ Your computer’s wallpaper will automatically change.

For Mac
On the image, click and hold with the mouse. When the menu appears, choose ‘Download image to disk’ or ‘Save image as’ and save it. Then go to control panels and click on ‘Appearance’ or ‘Desktop Picture’ and select the image you saved.

PLEASE NOTE: This wallpaper is licensed for use on your personal computer only. Any reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.


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Image © 2006 Exit Studio.