Exit Studio’s efforts have been noticed by publications across the country. Here are a few examples of what they have to say:

On This Beautiful Island Reviews

“In rhythmic prose, Fontánez depicts a community whose members are conscious stewards of Mother Earth. Beyond the story’s attempt to rescue a slice of Taíno life, it manages to convey a pressing environmental message. The eye-popping, color illustrations and the poetic text create a mosaic of the island’s exuberant topography. The book deserves attention for its topic…recommended for school and public libraries.” Críticas Magazine

“A true work of the storyteller’s art…beautifully illustrated.” Midwest Book Review

“What a beautiful book! The illustrations are striking and the book is informative, well researched and entertaining. This is truly a book to be enjoyed by the entire family.” Loose Leaves

“A lyrical guidebook [to] the physical beauty and cultural history of Puerto Rico.” Bella Online

“Will entertain young readers…[the] vibrant, brilliant illustrations are enthralling. For those who wish to explore a different culture…On This Beautiful Island is a wonderful place to start. This book is an absolute delight!” My Shelf

“Delightful…strong, poignant, and educational story. A must-read…highly recommended!” Picket News, Hagerstown, MD

“Richly illustrated…enriching and fun to read. A delightful book that will be much enjoyed, well read and looked at over and over again.” Book Ideas

“The illustrations alone make it a beautiful book to have.” The Reading Tub

“A good introduction for children into the history and culture of the Arawak people. Excellent reading for young readers.” Review-Books

“Beautiful illustrations and stunning color…well-written” Book Review Cafe

Hadas, Sirenas y Sapos Reviews

Hadas, sirenas y sapos is a collection of enchanting poems written and illustrated by Edwin Fontánez which transports the reader to fantastic places where magic comes naturally: little frogs that serenade the moon, mermaids frolicking over sea waves, and fairies fluttering about creating mischief in the forest. The current lack of Spanish children’s poetry does not leave much room where children can let their imagination fly. Fortunately, Fontánez has arrived just in time with his beautiful bouquet of poems.” IGUANA magazine

I Promise You Reviews

“I can think of no more appropriate gift for children, their families and their teachers,  than  I Promise You,  by Edwin Fontanez. The message this book brings into homes and classrooms  is one of hope that together,  we can eradicate animal abuse and pet abandonment,  starting with understanding and taking simple steps.” Kathy Porter, Healing Rescue Dogs

“A practical and accessible guide to help children and people of all ages understand that all animals have the God-given right to ethical and humane treatment. I enjoyed and appreciated Edwin Fontánez’s steady, encouraging, and warm voice.” —Jan Kear, Community Outreach Coordinator, Caring for Creatures No-Kill Sanctuary for Dogs and Cats, Palmyra, VA

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