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A Promise to Pets

The Zebra (October 2011)

“Puerto Rico native Edwin Fontánez is already known for his books of poetry and illustrations inspired by his homeland. For his first nonfiction work, entitled “I Promise You”, Fontánez decided to focus on an issue that has long been close to his heart: fighting animal cruelty. As with his poetry works, Fontánez drew his inspiration from the mother country.” Read the entire article >>

Spotlight on Edwin Fontánez

Author Examines Animal-Human Bond

The Arlington Connection (July 2011)

“Edwin Fontánez, who resides in Arlington, is an award-winning author and illustrator. Fontánez’s newest book, “I Promise You: An Introduction to Living the Animal-Human Bond,” explores the causes of animal abandonment and offers tips on strengthening the emotional bond between a person and his or her pet.” Read the entire article >>

NoVa_sqExit Strategy: Edwin Fontánez Left Puerto Rico in Search of New Color for His Palette

Northern Virginia Magazine (June/July 2007)

“At Edwin Fontánez’s cozy townhouse and studio, a wonderful creature takes center stage. His name is Ricky, Fontánez’s plump and extremely sociable cat. Ricky jumped across the dining room table to settle into his owner’s lap for a late afternoon nap. ‘See, this is why I don’t get as much done,’ said the artist and children’s book author.” Read the entire article >>

Fomentan la magia de la lectura

En el Kennedy Center, una feria del libro multicultural busca generar el hábito en los más chicos

El Tiempo Latino (November 9, 2007)

“Edwin Fontánez, autor e ilustrador puertorriqueño, señaló que el motivo principal de su presencia en el festival fue incentivar ese interés hacia la cultura hispana. ‘Necesitamos encontrar modos para que haya más demanda, que la comunidad hispana se entusiasme más y comience a estimular a sus niños para la lectura a temprana edad’, enfatizó.” Read the entire article >>

Not Your Typical Book Fair

Roll Call (October 30, 2007)

“Edwin Fontanez, an author, illustrator and composer, will be leading a workshop for inspiring book authors and illustrators. He thinks anyone 2 years of age and older would appreciate his presentation. ‘Children themselves start doing arts at a very young age,’ Fontanez said. ‘I just want to inspire them that their thoughts have importance.'” Read the entire article >>

Literary festival exposes children to world cultures

Prince George’s County Gazette (August 5, 2004)

“Edwin Fontanez, who read ‘On this Beautiful Island’ at the event, said writing stories for children keeps him young at heart. “‘It means a lot to society to tell good stories with values and being here today is great,’ said Fontanez. ‘I absolutely love to support events like this.'” Read the entire article >>

Who Is That Mask Man?

D.C. Artist Shares His Heritage With Kids

The Washington Post (Monday, May 16, 1994)

“If you are getting worn down by the deadly seriousness of all the multi-culti discussions going on in the art world, you’re not hanging around the right people. May we suggest a chat with artist Edwin Fontánez? Fontánez is a Puerto Rican-born artist who has founded Exit Studio, stating the group’s purpose in its subtitle: ‘Multicultural Tools for the Creative Child.’ He is passionate about sharing his art with the world.” Read the entire article >>

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