Make a GuaninHere are some fun games and activities on Caribbean culture that you and your family can do at home.

Make a Taíno Tattoo
Decorate yourself with tribal tattoos!

Make a Guanín
Create your own chief’s medallion!

Bohío Ornament
Decorate your Christmas tree with a whole Taíno village!

Play Taíno Concentration
Try to remember the hidden symbols!

Play Caribbean Loteria
Try your luck at this Bingo-like game!

Petroglyph Puzzle
Unlock the secrets of the Taínos’ mysterious symbols!

Puerto Rico Word Search
Find all the Puerto Rico-related words hidden in the puzzle!

Vejigante Coloring Page
Give this carnival character a colorful mask!

Taíno Coloring Page
Use all the bright colors of Guanín’s rainforest home!

Imaginero Coloring Page
Help the imaginero decorate his carvings!

Mother Earth Computer Wallpaper
Download a colorful poster for your computer desktop!

Photo Recipe: Guineos en escabeche
Make a delicious and easy Puerto Rican appetizer!

Your Pictures and Stories
Send us your stuff and we’ll post it for other kids to see!


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