Heart of the Imaginero: Little Wood Carver

Heart of the Imaginero: Little Wood Carver

storycapeduardito is going through some difficult times, but then one day a stranger shows him a new way. Doña Rosa is an imaginera, a carver of wood saints. With her guidance Eduardito learns the meaning of faith and the power in his own hands. But then, the mysterious disappearance of a little wood icon sets in motion another chain of events in this enchanting story. A mysterious flower peddler, a mischevious cat, and a miraculous appearance combine to make this time in Eduardito’s life magical.

Heart of the Imaginero: Little Wood Carver combines beautifully painted illustrations with gorgeous video footage of actors in the Puerto Rican countryside to tell the tale of a young boy’s journey to the life of an imaginero. You can go behind the scenes of making this captivating film by reading Edwin Fontánez’s notes on the experience.

is 10 years old. Growing up in a small town in the Puerto Rican countryside, he shares a close relationship with his mother until a tragic event separates them. His emotional struggle eventually channels itself through a rare talent. (Played by Eliezer Rodríguez)


MotherEduardito’s mother
is a poet and artist. Eduardito inherits her sensibilities. Facing domestic violence, she is determined to protect her son at all costs. (Played by Belinda Saldaña)


Dona AnaDoña Ana
is the sister of Eduardito’s mother. She lives comfortably in the town of San Germán with her son Rafael. She welcomes Eduardito into her home to care for him. (Played by Maria S. Fontánez)


is Eduardito’s younger cousin. He wants to be friends but doesn’t have the patience for Eduardito’s heartbreak.


Dona RosaDoña Rosa
is a woodcarver in San Germán. She can see deep into Eduardito’s soul and tell what is tearing him apart. Her spiritual strength and talent inspire Eduardito.


Flower PeddlerThe Flower Peddler
is a mysterious character who appears to those who need him most. He is Eduardito’s guardian angel. (Played by Jesús Andrádes)


is Doña Ana’s cat who becomes attached to Eduardito. Dignified but mischevious, he inadvertently causes a mishap that alters the story’s plot. (Played by himself)


is Doña Rosa’s cat who lives in her workshop. This character was created in loving memory of the real Carmen whose sweet disposition and gentleness matched Doña Rosa’s spirit.


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NOTE: As of 1/1/2011, Heart of the Imaginero is out of print.

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